Andrea Regnier

StairwayBarnBalvanBig Small PoppiesCodeGold in the WoodsHorizon IHorizon IIIPurplegrassSnow BallsUp DownSunset

Andrea RegnierI born was in Prague in the Czech Republic. Growing up with parents who are both architects, I was naturally drawn to the field, receiving a master degree in architecture in 1998. The architecture theme appears in all of my artwork. I find my inspiration from my passion for travel, which has taken me throughout Europe and America. I take photographs of places and things and then transfer the images through my own vision and style. My art has a certain degree of abstractness that allows the viewer a place for his or her own interpretation and experience. Because of my use of multiple layers, you can view the image as a whole or get lost in a chaotic, but magic, section of the piece. It is a microcosm and both parts are irreplaceable and essential. I mix my techniques, starting with drawing and ending with a monoprint. I like the power of simplicity and geometry.