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Barry EisenhartWhile some artists may stick to the same limited subject matter, year after year, the works of Barry Eisenhart range widely.  “I find inspiration while combing beaches for seashells, touching jagged rocks, climbing mountains, observing the shape of bodies of water and watching the human form in motion.  Sculpture is the way I connect myself to the larger world,” Barry explains.

His creations vary from literal interpretations of the human figure to the abstract. He calls the abstract pieces “Imagination pieces” that seems to transform and shape themselves as he sculpts.  The finished works may be small enough to be held in one’s hand or large enough to fill a room.

Sculpting has been called “The Dark Mistress” for its potential to take over the artist’s life.  “It’s a time consuming process that can drain you physically and emotionally,” Barry says.  It’s during those frustrating times that he most appreciates the support of friends and fellow artists.  “Sharing the creative process and seeing the end results make the journey worthwhile for me.”

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art from Southwest Missouri State University in 1991, but didn’t catch the sculpting bug until a few years ago while visiting a neighbor in Kansas City’s historic West Side.  “I admired a clay pot she made, so she sent me home with a bag of wet clay.  As I began crafting a figure, a light switch went on in my head.  The possibilities for creating three dimensional images seemed endless.”

Barry, has worked as a personal trainer for nearly 20 years and still enjoys “sculpting bodies” in the gym.  But the actual sculpting that goes on in his studio is where his heart lies now.

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