Hunt Slonem Rugs



Hunt Slonem, the internationally renowned American Artist has had exhibitions at over 350 galleries and museums worldwide as well as representation in over 100 museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

It was through a serendipitous meeting with two friends, Marc Charbonnet (renowned NY interior designer) and Shahram Nazar (founder of Tibetano Carpets), that a reinvention of Mr. Slonem’s works have come to life in the form of hand-crafted carpets. Woven with some of the most luxurious materials in nature, from silk and mohair to Himalayan sheep wool and nettle, this centuries old art form has lent itself seamlessly to the modern sensibility of Mr. Slonem’s work.

Tibetano developed a new technique of blending the different materials to achieve the painterly effect you see in the pieces. They are hand-woven on 150 and 100 knot looms in Nepal. While most Nepal carpets are simple 2 to 3 color works, these rugs can incorporate up to 50 shades and each knot is plotted to capture the essence of the original oil paints.

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