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“I paint because it is my passion.   I feel completely devoted to creating everyday, it is my natural state.   Growing up in a family of artists in an environment of visual and performing arts it was inevitable to be influenced and inspired, but the dedication to live my life as a painter comes from within.

Every face of my work is important to me; When I am in the middle of the creating process  I let my thoughts run through my mind while my hands are full of paint surprising me with strokes and colors that I may never have seen before; My favorite moment always is when a person reacts to my paintings and is moved by what they see.  When my work is well done I feel that is an exciting moment because I know I challenged myself to do something that did not exist and now I dare to make it real, tactile, on my mind: eternal.

In my recent work I am free.   I have come to understand that my work has evolved to another stage but I still long for discipline and perfection.   I no longer feel the need to prove myself, only the need to simply create.

In my new abstracts I like the eyes to wander through my paintings and stimulate the spectators’ thoughts and feelings.  To me, texture is a visual stimulation that interacts with the light and shadows of the days. However I want to still be able to close my eyes and still feel the light of the painting by its texture.”

Born on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia in a family of artists, Maria Johnson “MaJo” could not help but inherit their talent.  The best recollections of her childhood are the beautiful landscapes at sunset that her father painted.  She has painted and displayed her work from very early age.  By her teenage years, she was selling small sketches and pastels on paper.   She has painted murals for schools, retail shops,offices, private residences.