Nina Irwin

The Summery EastEverything Speaks To MeRed Temple RefugeSudden ViewYellow Lichen DetailEnthroned Beneath the Canopy Golden TempleHidden Lake Ice BlueKingdom of Dainty DreamsPursuing the DeerQuiet WoodlandSecret TreasureSoul GardenUnknown To OthersDoll-Sized Temple


Landscape paintings with companion ceramic sculptures

This body of work, predominantly landscapes with ceramics, suggests the subjects of spirituality and the search for truth and beauty.  They are conceived from memories of exotic travels combined with ancient places imagined.  These places are pure and quiet– the stillness broken only by the silent dialogue between place (painting) and its earthy companion (ceramic sculpture).

I strive to convey, through my paintings and sculptures, the actual feeling of a place–much more than its physical characteristics.  Here, the painting suggests a place and feeling which is expanded through form, texture and color by its ceramic sculpture. The two are inseparable, as they are considered one piece of art. Both work together to transport the viewer to another place and time.

Nina Irwin works from her painting and ceramics studio in the historic stockyards of Kansas City.  She is represented in collections regionally, nationally, and globally.