Nina Irwin

DevotionMoss, Rose and BlackKingdom IntuitionMoonlight Sonata (thank you note to Ludwig) Illumination


Nina Irwin acts as an explorer digging, finding, and responding to places of color – marrying an almost archeological process with a painterly technique.  Her work evolves from a place of ambiguity and suspension and is rooted in her love of archeology, anthropology, language, and art history.  Her work may be interpreted as an attempt to capture an undefinable feeling or impression while working with notions of chance communicated through suspension of material and pigment.  

Irwin currently works from her studio in the historic stockyards of Kansas City.  Her delicate dreamlike scapes showcase hints of texture among flowing washes of color.  She strives to layer symbolism into each piece, so that the viewer can achieve a sense of discovery, similar to her own.

Intense curiosity and thoughtful resourcefulness are key phrases Nina Irwin uses to describe her process. This is evident in the work in her self-titled show, NINA IRWIN, at Weinberger Fine Art. Irwin’s curiosity drives her to continually experiment, and her constant search for discovery translates into visceral energy in the work. Resourcefulness lends itself to this process.

A portion of Irwin’s show includes a collaboration with Greg Hack, a reporter and editor for the Kansas City Star, of around 15 pieces of art and poetry. After reading “Haiku in Low Places,” Hack’s book of poetry, she asked him to write some verses to a painting of hers, prompting the collaboration. Irwin and Hack create this series through connected ideas and thoughts. Irwin describes the partnership in the pieces as her “marrying the poetry with the artwork in different ways. The art and poetry are going to be one.”

NINA IRWIN will be on view January 21- February 26, 2016. Please join us for the opening reception January 21 5:30 PM -7:30 PM.

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