Gadi Fraiman

Butterfly (front)Butterfly (side angle)Butterfly (side angle)Temptation (side angle)Temptation (front angle)

Gadi Fraiman’s passion for sculpture began in 1982 and was a hobby for many years, throughout which he worked as a vineyard farmer growing grapes for wine.

His first choice of material was bronze, and he soon additionally began sculpting in stone.  In recent years Gadi has chosen to devote the majority of his time to sculpting which has become his main occupation.

In 2002 Gadi founded a school for sculpting  as part of his workshop.  His studio is located on a hilltop near Kibbutz Mishmar David.  The scenery, the quite and the nature surrounding it, perfectly create the ambiance suited to his pieces.  Gadis’ workshop is an island of calm – consisting of an ancient building, surrounded by a green garden, which incorporate art and nature.   His sculptures are present throughout the garden which is open to the public and draws visitors from far and wide.