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  • Unsettled Plains

    the crimes of this guilty land

    image : Clare Doveton & Jeremy Rockwell, The Crimes of this Guilty Land…, 37×25 in, mixed media

    OPENING FIRST FRIDAY JUNE 5 2015 | 5:00PM-9:00PM

    Weinberger Fine Art is proud to present Unsettled Plains, a group exhibition featuring the work of Clare Doveton, Jeremy Rockwell, and Kyle Goddard.  These regional artists explore boundaries, deconstruction, history, and landscape with individual work and collaborative projects.

    Clare Doveton obtained her BFA from Parsons School of Art and Design in New York City in 1998. After living and exhibiting on both coasts, she moved her studio to Kansas in 2005. Doveton’s work has been featured in numerous publications and can be found in private and corporate collections internationally. Her vast and meditative paintings capture the rural landscape in an atmospheric fog of memory and impression.

    Where Doveton is etherial and expressive, Jeremy Rockwell is deliberate and active. Well known for his large scale computer key portraits, the Lawrence based mixed-media artist often begins a piece with an overtly physical act. Whether he is smashing a keyboard, spattering ink or leaving a canvas exposed to the elements, these techniques “break the ice” of dialogue between the artist and his work. Both Doveton and Rockwell value the element of surprise in their individual artistic processes, making them natural collaborators. In their collaborative work Rockwell manipulates the surface of a canvas prior to Doveton’s paint application, then completes the work with three-dimensional wire script.

    1. Fall from Grace 72x58 (1)Kyle Goddard, a recent Kansas transplant was born and raised in the Greater Jackson Area of Mississippi. At the age of 17, Kyle joined the Army Guard in which he served for nine years with one deployment in Afghanistan. Though the military is not traditionally thought of as an artistic environment, the use of repetition and organization would leave an impression. Goddard describes his work as a process of deconstruction, wherein he finds satisfaction in working with concrete experiences rather than abstract ideas. Goddard received his B.F.A. in painting from the University of Southern Mississippi and received a State Fellowship for his work in 2013.

    image : Kyle Goddard, Fall from Grace, 72×58 in, acrylic on canvas