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    Untitled (Building I) | Fishing Village | 24 x 24 in | mixed media unpainted lady | 24 x 24 in | mixed media Untitled (house) | 24 x 20 | mixed media Afri | 28 x 18 in | mixed media

    Weinberger Fine Art is proud to announce a solo exhibition from Mark English, November 5 through December 30, 2015 in the Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City, Missouri.

    Being in a room with Mark English’s work is akin to being surrounded by dreamlike figments of one’s own imagination and memory. His diaphanous portraits have just enough detail to recall a beloved character from a novel. His expansive and romantic countrysides seem to be snapshots from a childhood road trip you almost remember. English is a master of the visual narrative and the unique beauty of his work lies in the fact that each viewer is left to finish the story  for themselves.

    Kansas City based artist, Mark English, hails from Hubbard, a small town in central Texas. Intrigued by paintings advertising rodeos on business  windows, he became inspired to study illustration. After attending the University of Texas and The Art Center College in Los Angeles, English moved to Connecticut to begin a career as one of America’s most well-known illustrators. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, English’s work could be found in numerous publications including; Time, Redbook, Sports Illustrated, and many other well-known periodicals. An invitation from Hallmark in 1977 brought the established illustrator to Kansas City. 

    In the 1990’s, English decided to pursue a new avenue in his career as he began painting for galleries. Since this decision, English has contributed to innumerable exhibitions internationally in both solo and group shows. Similar to his career as an illustrator, Mark English has triumphed as a fine artist. His work is a part of numerous public and private collections and has been featured at the Smithsonian  Institute in Washington, D.C. 

    In his early career as an illustrator, English executed his work in a photo-realistic fashion. His style as a fine artist developed in almost direct opposition to his earlier methods. English worked to adjust his approach, trading rigidity and detail for intuition and experimentation.

    English continues his journey down the road of abstraction and narrative with new work in this exhibition.  Viewers will find that his well-known subjects; horses, portraits, and landscapes, dissolve in a lyrical patchwork of color, play, and pattern.  These familiar identifiable elements make the work accessible, while the absences of detail creates  a mysteriousness. His imagery  remains representational through a lens of abstraction by using layered texture and diffused details. In the same way that his subjects retain a sense of ambiguity, so too do his chosen mediums. English employs a host of materials and processes from oil and acrylic paint, to graphite, house paint, and paper collage.

    “My theory about art is that it’s a lifetime search,” explains English, “My work continues to develop as I keep learning.” Now in his eighties, the remarkably vital artist has amassed an impressive store of knowledge and techniques which he continues to build upon.

    While other artists work to conceal their processes, Mark English invites viewers to see the evolution of his work. “This is what is so special about Mark,” says Kim Weinberger, “he is always challenging himself to make exciting new work and he leaves evidence of his artistic journey in every piece.”

    Weinberger Fine Art has represented  Mark English since 2010. The Kansas City, Missouri Gallery offers a range of services for the established collector and the first time buyer. Owner Kim Weinberger strives to be the critical link between artists and patrons. Visit the gallery Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 12-5pm, and First Fridays 10am-9pm.  Also available private viewings anytime to see the work of Mark English and other represented artists.


    Untitled (Building I) | Fishing Village | 24 x 24 in | mixed media unpainted lady | 24 x 24 in | mixed media Untitled (house) | 24 x 20 | mixed media Afri | 28 x 18 in | mixed media




    [KANSAS CITY, MO.]- On Thursday, January 21, 2016, Weinberger Fine Art will host an artist reception and discussion for the solo exhibition, NINA IRWIN. The exhibition dates are January 21- February 26.

    Intense curiosity and thoughtful resourcefulness are key phrases Nina Irwin uses to describe her process. This is evident in the work in her self-titled show, NINA IRWIN, at Weinberger Fine Art. Irwin’s curiosity drives her to continually experiment, and her constant search for discovery translates into visceral energy in the work. Resourcefulness lends itself to this process.

    Throughout childhood, Irwin loved creating art. As she studied many different disciplines in college, she rediscovered in her mid-20s that art was the right path. She has come to realize that she has been interested in most of the same themes her entire life. In 2013, her painting, “The Summery East”, was selected by renowned art critic Jerry Saltz for the Kansas City Artist Coalition’s Six State River Market Regional Exhibit. He wrote, “I looked for artists who seemed drive(n)

    to provide some sort of unknown algorithmic reaction to their topic, their medium, material, process, and desires. Artists who were somehow trying to make things that haven’t been seen before, provide a taxonomy into their inner lives, fashion encyclopedic palaces in single works, were interested in the

    representation of the invisible, the unseen, the unseeable. What shocked me, what thrilled me is that I saw a lot of these kinds of art coming out of the Kansas City area.” This marked a level of distinction in her craft. Irwin, currently working
    from her studio of 14 years in the

    historic stockyards of Kansas City, continues her artistic journey through the exploration of material and concept.

    Irwin’s delicate, dreamlike scapes showcase hints of texture among flowing washes of color. She believes making something beautiful is certainly important but she seeks a deeper level inside her own art. “I strive to convey, through my paintings and sculptures, the actual feeling of a place,” she says, “much more than its physical characteristics.” Below the surface of each piece, Irwin seeks to layer symbolism so the audience can achieve a sense of discovery similar to her own.

    A portion of Irwin’s show includes a collaboration with Greg Hack, a reporter and editor for the Kansas City Star, of around 15 pieces of art and poetry. After reading “Haiku in Low Places,” Hack’s book of poetry, she asked him to write some verses to a painting of hers, prompting the collaboration. Irwin and Hack create this series through connected ideas and thoughts. Irwin describes the partnership in the pieces as her “marrying the poetry with the artwork in different ways. The art and poetry are going to be one.”

    NINA IRWIN will be on view January 21- February 26, 2016. Please join us for the opening reception January 21 5:30 PM -7:30 PM.

    Regular Gallery Hours Tuesday-Friday 10:00 AM-6:00 PM Saturday 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM.