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  • Ebb and Flow

    Debbie Barrett-Jones


    “Ebb & Flow” featuring Debbie Barrett-Jones and Ruth Borum-Loveland will be on view September 4, 2015 through the end of October 2015. The opening will be held from 5:00pm-9:00pm, First Friday September 4, 2015.

    Ruth Borem-LovelandThrough pattern and color the two female artists use their meditative art processes in order to navigate the chaos of life. Debbie Barrett-Jones’ woven textiles illustrate that narrative through her gradation of color, pattern, and composition to create an orderly arrangement and sense of harmony.  Barrett-Jones’ process begins long before she sits down at her loom; she draws out plans, drafts patterns, and hand dyes yarn. Her intricate arrangements generate rhythmic order in the overall composition, while the tension between control and chance flows through each thread.

    Like Barrett-Jones, mixed media artist, Ruth Borum-Loveland finds her process to be a tool of navigation and describes it to be “a series of small discoveries”.  Borum-Loveland creates work inspired by the outdoors and her personal relationships, specifically her son. Her methods range from pen drawings, photocopied manipulations, wood-burnings, and acrylic paint application.  Through the manipulation of her original drawings, she creates movement in the forms, allowing each piece to be influenced by the touch of her hand.  The final product is often a mysterious and dreamlike form covered with elaborate, seemingly microscopic detail.

    Although Debbie Barrett-Jones and Ruth Borum-Loveland work in separate mediums, both emphasize their process and embrace the rhythmic nature of their detailed compositions. Join us for the premiere Fall show, “Ebb & Flow”!

    image top : Debbie Barrett-Jones | Pulled Through Installation Wall Hanging and Threads | hand-painted, hand-woven tencel | 34 x 50 in

    image bottom : Ruth Borum-Loveland | Untitled | mixed media on canvas | 12 x 24 in